JOIN a Seminar

A Chronic Care Community Corps seminar is 10 hours long and usually held over 2–3 meetings. Through the use of case studies, discussions and role-playing, you will learn how to listen carefully to the reality of caregivers, practice inquiry skills in talking with a caregiver, and identify resources for family caregivers. Seminars are often hosted by community organizations, places of work, places of worship, and other locations.

As a participant, you will explore the following topics:
  • Difficult conversations and discussions during illness
  • Continuity of care during the arc of an illness
  • Family meetings and goals of care
  • Navigating the challenges of health care today
  • Role of family and informal caregivers
  • Role of health care professionals
  • Role of friends and colleagues
Seminar Expectations

To make the most of your learning experience, we ask you to:

  • Attend all of the seminar sessions
  • Come prepared to participate and share in discussions
  • See yourself as a learner, regardless of experience or vocation
  • Use what you learn with the people in your life who could benefit

4C seminars will be either open to the public or specifically for those affiliated with the hosting organisation.

Seminar fee varies based on the hosting organization’s sponsorship. In general, the fee per person is $100 for seminar and materials.